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Meeting Minutes

Rainbow PTA Board Meeting

July 17, 2014


The 2014-15 PTA Board met on July 17, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. at the Rainbow Elementary School library.  Sonja Griffith (President), Cerisa Rice (Treasurer), Brandi Nance (Vice President-Programs), Robin Bruyns (Vice President-Membership), and Kristi Moro (Secretary) were all present.

 I.              Secretary’s Report

a.       The May 8, 2014 and June 5, 2014 meeting minutes were approved by the PTA Board.

 II.           Treasurer’s Report

a.            Online Open House Update

i.       Cerisa presented number of PTA memberships, student materials, coupon books and donations received to date (see attached Treasurer Report for numbers). 

b.            iPad covers

i.       Sonja will talk to Mrs. White about who needs to order iPad covers.

III.        Membership

a.            Golden Apple Update

i.       Flyer is complete.

ii.    Should have 83 people if everyone comes.

iii.  Have enough door prizes (around 15); could use more.

iv.  Robin is checking with Shelaine on the t-shirts.

v.    Still working on decorations.

IV.       President

a.            Open House Plan of Action

i.          Set up

1.       Will be in gym. Enter in first door; exit out of second door.

2.       Number of tables

a.       3 cafeteria tables around walls.  7 more regular tables.

3.       Alexander’s, Dance Trance, Chess Club, Scouts, & BJ Cheer Leaders may be in hall if can’t use cafeteria.  Checking with Mrs. White on that.

ii.        Envelope distribution – checking with Mrs. White.

iii.     Signage

1.       Sonja will order 6 stand up chalk boards to use as signage.

b.            Open house payment worksheet was presented by Robin.

c.             PTA Board needs to be at open house by 1:00 p.m.

d.            Will use Mrs. Burgreen’s clip boards again.

V.          Volunteers

a.     Committee update

b.     Upcoming volunteer opportunities

V.          Fundraising

     VI.       Programs

a.       Bus Safety

i.       Need to know date ASAP. Brandi will talk to Mrs. White about date.

b.       Hospitality

i.       Any needs?

1.       Parent University. Plan for 200 people.

2.       Volunteer Open House help. 

3.       Bus Safety help.

4.       Book fair 

a.       Theme: Sir Readalot’s Castle

b.       Still need dates.

5.       Brandi will talk to Myra about how working parents can help with hospitality.

c.        Sandra Cato will be in charge of box tops this school year. 

d.       August 7th is next Enrichment Team meeting.

i.       Manners class update: Had trouble finding teacher last year.

ii.    Grant Money: The Enrichment Team needs to know what types of grants we can apply for.  They plan 2-3 months ahead.

iii.  Keyboarding update:

1.       No keyboarding by Enrichment Team.  However, PTA can outsource a program for keyboarding.

2.       Any Board member is welcome to come and spend a day with the Enrichment Team to find out more.

3.       Will need the Enrichment Team to do another presentation at Parent University.

VII.    Upcoming dates

a.            Folder stuffing: July 21st @ 9:00am

b.            HCPTA Summer Leadership Training: July 26th @ 9:00am

c.             Express bag stuffing: Wednesday, July 30 @ 1:00pm

d.            Open House: Thursday, July 31 

e.             Golden Apple Lunch:  Monday, Aug.4th

f.              Pre K Open House: Monday, Aug. 4th

g.            First Day of School:  Tuesday, Aug. 5th

h.            First PTA General Meeting:  September 8th

i.              City PTA Kick-Off Meeting: Thursday, August 7th 10:00 a.m.

j.              Next PTA Board Meeting: Thursday, August 14th at 1:00 p.m. at Rainbow.

VIII.      Other Items Discussed

a.       Drama

i.       Discussed starting a Drama Troop at Rainbow.  Discussed possibly getting grant money for this and budgeting about $1,000.  Sonja will begin looking into this.

b.       Discussed having a Winter Carnival at the YMCA in 2015 - similar to the 2014 Family Fitness Night.

 The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


Treasurer Report                  Period 6/1/14 – 7/17/14

Beginning Balance:                $16793.70

80 School Supply Kit Orders = $4250

Online Express Orders as of 7/15/14 = $4347.42

PTA memberships:  93

drawstring bags:  59 

student materials paid:  71

magnets:  23

coupon books:  13

donations:  $800

royal blue shirts:  44

cherry red shirts:  31

orange shirts:  38

teacher/vol. shirts:  17

    Lagoon Blue:  10

    Light Berry:  4

    Maize:  2

    Island Reef:  1