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AR Awards and Recognition Program- Rewarding Excellence

The AR Rewards program helps motivate students to increase reading frequency and improve comprehension.
2012-2013  Program Overview:
School Rewards Program:
  • Last year, the students successfully achieved their school wide goal to read 400,000,000 words!  For reaching this goal, students were given 30 extra minutes of recess, an awards ceremony and an outdoor party with a dunking booth. 
Individual Classroom Rewards Program:
  • A trophy was held by the classroom with the highest AR Points for the previous quarter.  A trophy was also awarded to the classroom with the most points at the end of the year.  A hallway display showcased AR Point totals and words read by the classroom and was updated Weekly.
Individual Rewards Program:
  • Funded by the PTA:  Each nine weeks, students earned tickets for reaching their individual point goals and for going beyond their goals.  They used the tickets to purchase prizes from the prize cart.  Top readers for the year were entered into a drawing for a chance to dunk Mrs. White in a dunking booth!
Individual Excellence Program:
  • Funded by a corporate sponsor:  The top 10, by AR points, readers names by grades were on display and updated weekly.  The top reader in each grade at the end of the year received a Nook Tablet or equivalent value B&N book card at an award ceremony.  The #2 reader received $50 B&N Card and the #3 reader received a $25 B&N Card.  The top 10 readers in each grade received a Certificate and Medal noting their point total for the year presented at an award ceremony.