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Science Fair Winners

Rainbow Elementary is excited to announce the winners of the Rainbow Elementary 3rd Annual Science and Engineering Fair, held January 24, 2015.


In 5th Grade

Honorable Mention:

            Megan Danh

            Ben Kosan

            Amir Downey/Noah Berry

 3rd place:

            James Parsons

 2nd place:

            Anna Grider

 1st place:

            Maanasi Limaye


In 6th Grade

Honorable Mention:

            James Slaughter

 3rd place:

            Alyssa Bobbitt

 2nd Place:

            Alex Edwards

 1st Place:     

            Megan Shurtz


Special Award Winners Presented by ADTRAN:

            Alex Edwards, Ian Finney, Danielle Oliver, Alexis Hereford, Alex Bounds, Maanasi Limaye, Amir Downey, Noah Berry, Jessica Cochran, Markus Cutler, Perrin Larkin, Isabella Caballero, Lainey Beckwith, Jaylyn Higginbotham