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Walk Around the World Flyer

The Rainbow PTA has received a Healthy Balance Grant of $2,000 to promote healthy lifestyles through
nutrition and exercise. Your students have already been participating through the Enrichment Programs. As
part of this grant, we are challenging every family to commit to walk/run/jog/swim a mile per week.

Our goal is to Walk Around the World, that’s 24,901.55 miles.

To participate, simply register at http://fireupyourfeet.org/.

This is where you will log your activity miles for your family. You will not need to give any information more
than your name and school. Each time you exercise, just log in and record. You can also find this link on our
website: www.rainbowpta.org.

Once you are registered, we will send home a pedometer with your student(s), so that you can track your
miles. So please register quickly!

Once we have reached our goal, we will celebrate with a Family Fun Event in the spring!

There are several opportunities to do your 1 mile/week as a family:
  • Rocket City Kids Marathon:
  • http://runrocketcity.com/rocket-city-kids-marathon/
  • 5th/6th Grade Girls Running Club
  • Rainbow Elementary Track – Open during non-school hours
  • Walking to School
  • Sports
  • Running the mile in PE
  • Hiking at Rainbow Mountain
  • Bicycle rides
  • Walking the dog